Sue Pryor Swimming based in Strathalbyn, focuses individual attention on the needs and progress of each student which sets them apart from other swimming schools. A key focus is the development of comfort and balance in the water, without reliance on flotation aids, in a fun and caring environment.

Initially we were asked to redeveloped their logo to be used in a scalable format for use in various marketing and media material. From  there our work continued onto the development of their website. There old website which had not been updated for quite a few years, lacked information, good structure and any interaction with their Facebook page. Our process began defining their main key areas that need highlighting which were pulled out onto the home page. These elements included regular news updates, an area to link through to their latest newsletter and quick links to take visitors through to calendar dates and upcoming events.

Their new website was developed using a responsive layout. Search engine optimisation process was carried out to ensure they would be found through search engines throughout the Adelaide Hills area. Their website has a fresh and contemporary feel about it with easy to find information and works across a broad range of devices and platforms. Sue Pryor Swim website uses our Drumbeat Content Management System which was built in-house for small to medium businesses.