Sustainability Community of Practice and Education (SCoPe) was launched in 2013 and operated under the auspices of UNESCO-APNIEVE up until July 2016 when it became a private organisation. Its purpose is to partner with education, community, industry and government to develop sustainable skills sets and promote sustainable and innovative initiatives.

In 2013 we were engaged to develop SCoPe's branding. With multiple sectors to cover for various industries, we developed a unique concept consisting of honeycomb elements which each represent different industries: Building & Construction, Business, IT, Manufacturing, Medical and Training.

SCoPe is now operated as a private organisation. In 2017 SCoPe relaunched their name and now offer training facilities at their new location in Technology Park at Mawson Lakes. Through their 'relaunch' process we have helped build up their brand through signage, stationery and a new interactive and responsive website.

Roll up signage can now be seen throughout Technology Park and SCoPe training rooms. Through the limitations of signage allowed in their building, the roll up banners allow them to advertise without creating anything permanent. The banners also gives them the flexibility to be used for various purposes such as conference rooms, workshops, training rooms or taken on road if required.

Their website which has recently been launched showcases their training courses and events, as well information on each facilitator and their facilities. The website has been made responsive and provides an optimised viewing experience across a full range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices.