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Case Study : Peterborough SA

Peterborough Tourism approached us wanting a clean, modern and responsive website that promoted the Tourism in Peterborough and surrounding areas. Their campaign, "Stay an extra day" aims to keep visitors in the area for more than just 1 day.

It was crucial the website was easy to navigate so visitors can find their way around easily to book accommodation, find their way there etc. Steamtown Heritage Railway is a huge attraction in Peterborough and we were asked to promote their video which you can see as you enter the website. The video is a short snippet of the full length YouTube video which can also be accessed through the website.
As you enter the home page you are presented with a slideshow blinds effect for the main banners, which is also used on internal sections of the website, giving you a glimpse into the section your are on. Down the right you will find easy to use quick links for main attractions, accommodation and a link to download their app. The Peterborough SA website uses a content management system called Unity CMS which is designed and built for Councils to use across Australia.

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