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Case Study : Murphys Crossing

Murphy's Crossing Free Range Eggs are situated in the Lower North of South Australia and are a family owned and operated egg farming business. They have many years experience of producing eggs and have a family involvement in the South Australian egg industry since 1959.

We were approached by Murphy's Crossing to offer them the "complete package" for their business requirements. They needed us to develop their corporate branding from scratch which would then be used in all their promotional material. We developed their corporate branding which was a true reflection of their product and the local surroundings. Their logo is made up of elements representing the farm and valley. Their chickens literally have "free rains" of the paddocks and it was important to bring this message across in their branding process.

We were then required to develop their business card and other marketing material such as flyers and posters.

Once corporate branding was in place we focused all our attention on producing the packaging for their Egg Cartons. Three package sizes were developed (600, 700g and 800g eggs). Strict guidelines were followed to ensure they meet National Heart Foundation and Egg Corp Australia standards.

Our final challenge was developing a website for them to help promote their business and new identity. The website uses our Drumbeat Content Management System so they can easily make changes without needing HTML skills. During this stage we worked together to also create Kiosk presentation as a promotional tool seen in local South Australian stores for TV/Digital Advertising.


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